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Top Ten Nutrition Trends in 2021 | More applications of vitamin D, return of basic nutrition, health relief, customized fitness nutrition

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Time: 2020-12-21
​Organic food retailer Natural Grocers announced the fifth annual "Top Ten Nutrition Trends" forecast. The forecast is a comprehensive report on healthy nutrition and food trends in 2021. The forecas


    Organic food retailer Natural Grocers announced the fifth annual "Top Ten Nutrition Trends" forecast. The forecast is a comprehensive report on healthy nutrition and food trends in 2021. The forecast team is composed of registered dietitians, culinary experts, and data analysts. Based on consumer buying preferences, the latest nutrition research and consumer surveys during COVID-19.


    01,More applications of vitamin D


    Vitamin D is an easily overlooked vitamin, but studies have shown that it can play an important role in lung health, maintaining positive emotions, brain cognitive function, weight management, pregnancy, and child growth. This nutrient is essential for the immune system to fully function and respond as needed. It also helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, blood pressure, bones and muscles.


    The optimal level of vitamin D in the human body is 30-50 ng/ml. A national survey shows that about 90% of Americans do not have the optimal level of vitamin D, of which 40% to 80% of American adults Severe vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency is also very common in China, especially among children, pregnant women, and the elderly.


    And people of different skin colors have different needs for vitamin D. Among Caucasians (white races), Mexicans (brown races), and African descents (black races) aged 20 years and over, the average serum vitamin D concentrations were 28.1 ng/mL, 21.6 ng/mL and 16.9, respectively ng / mL. This is because dark skin hinders the body's ability to synthesize vitamin D from the sun. Therefore, people with darker skin need to supplement with more vitamin D. It is difficult to get enough vitamin D only by daily diet.


    Yakult’s Vitamin-fortified Light series Yakult launched in the UK contains 15% of the daily recommended intake of vitamins D and E. Vitamin D supports the maintenance of normal bone and muscle function, and vitamin E helps protect cells from oxidative stress.





    02,Long-term daily immune support


    Immunity needs to be effectively improved through long-term nutritional supplements, physical exercises, and normal work and rest, instead of trying to enhance immunity after the body has emerged, so that it can play its best role. More and more people are using dietary supplements to boost their immunity, and there are indeed various studies confirming their health benefits. There are so many ingredients that can support immunity, and many people don't know how to choose products. Natural Grocers believes that the basic nutrient combination (vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc) is effective and inexpensive, based on a lot of theoretical research, and is an ideal choice for consumers. In 2021, we can see more immune support foods that combine these nutrients.


    Gusto, a British soft drink, launched Super DC, a super-strengthening vitamin drink that can boost the immune system. Super DC is rich in antioxidants and contains a "super dose" of vitamin D (200% RI) and vitamin C (2500% RI, as well as vitamin A, vitamin K, zinc and folic acid. Two flavors are available: Super DC blood orange and Super DC Blackcurrant & Elderberry.





    03,Better blood sugar balance


    More and more studies have shown that SARS-CoV-2 (new coronavirus) uses sugar to reproduce, and people with type 2 diabetes are at higher risk of hospitalization and complications due to COVID-19, thus achieving health Your blood sugar balance is also very important.


    There are many options to support healthy blood sugar balance, including giving up sugary drinks, trying a ketogenic diet, or adding supplements that support blood sugar balance in your daily work, such as alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), which can support insulin sensitivity and Glucose utilization. To be sure, balancing blood sugar will lead to better mood, more balanced energy levels, and long-term overall health.


    The sugar, fat, and salt dietary supplements launched by METABOLIC company contain 250mg of five-layer dragon extract, 25mg of chitosan, 25mg of active fiber, and 5 billion lactic acid bacteria. It supports the correct diet of low sugar, low fat and low salt every day. Calaenopsis is a plant that grows in tropical Asia such as India. It is mainly used to inhibit the rise of blood sugar; chitosan can promote the secretion of insulin by pancreatic β cells and improve the utilization of insulin.




    04,Reduce stress in a healthy way


    In 2020, the global economic decline and the spread of infectious diseases caused by the epidemic have triggered various emotional problems such as stress and panic. Provide nutrition to the human body, which can better support emotional health. Available ingredients include GABA, magnesium, EPA/DHA, B vitamins, vitamin C, phosphatidylserine (PS), curcumin, as well as Ashwagandha and Rhodiola And other adaptogens.


    Ocean Spray has launched CBD sparkling water in the United States through its new CarryOn brand. There are two types of mood boosting and mood calming. The mood boosting model combines 10 mg of CBD with choline to provide natural energy, while the mood calming model combines L-theanine and 20 mg of CBD to help relax.




    05,Olive oil makes a comeback


    Coconut oil has been the focus of attention in recent years because of its important role in the ketogenic diet. But by 2021, olive oil will make a comeback. Olive oil has always been in the “good fat” category. The “Mediterranean diet” represented by olive oil has excellent performance in maintaining long-term overall health, and olive oil also contains a lot of Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients (polyphenols) of the product are a valuable health oil during the epidemic of infectious diseases and can be used in various desserts and snacks.


    The Spanish Vicente VIDAL has been using the traditional recipe since 1931, using locally grown olive oil to produce potato chips, the product has a unique olive oil flavor.






    06,The importance of environmental protection and sustainability


    Consumer research has shown that although personal health is still the main driving force for food purchases, consumers are turning to buying organic food due to environmental reasons. This behavior is also known as “climatarian”, which means that in food production, chemical The intensive model is transformed into a model that promotes soil health, biodiversity and healthy ecosystems to solve the environmental problems of climate warming. Under this trend, the content of organic fruits and vegetables in food and beverages can be increased to better support environmental sustainability.


    White Leaf organic baby food supplement uses organic fruits and vegetables grown without any chemical pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides (organic apples, organic sweet potatoes, organic beets, organic concentrated lemon juice), without artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors and preservatives , The ingredients are simple and safe.



    07,Healthy and affordable prepared meals


    Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, most people have spent more time cooking at home, reducing eating out as much as possible. Consumers are looking for fast and affordable cooking and meal solutions that do not require a lot of prior preparation. cooking. Convenient, delicious, and nutritious prepared foods will usher in greater room for development in 2021. Prefabricated foods will no longer be fast foods with a one-year shelf life and a package that says "Pictures are for reference only, subject to the actual product". It is a product with short-term guarantee and real ingredients, and it is against the takeaway.


    The homemade frozen egg product launched by Whole Foods Supermarket is made of a mixture of native eggs, ham, Gruyere cheese and garlic, and seasoned with a small amount of white pepper. The protein content per serving is as high as 17 grams. It can be eaten by heating and can be used as healthy breakfast.


    08,Vegetables will be the center


    Over the years, the recommendations of nutrition experts have changed a lot, but one nutritional recommendation that has remained the same is that all of us need to eat more vegetables. Vegetables contain dense nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, which play a huge role in reducing the risk of chronic diseases. In 2021, more vegetables will be included in recipes, and more vegetable snacks and milkshake products will appear, so that people who do not like vegetables will fall in love with vegetables.


    Peekaboo is a vegetable ice cream brand founded by Jessica Weiss Levison in 2019. The product features added vegetables. The slogan is "Vegetables in every bite", with vanilla zucchini flavor, chocolate mint spinach flavor, strawberry carrot flavor, chocolate cauliflower flavor, Five flavors of marshmallow beet.




    09,The return of basic nutrition


    The virus makes us realize how important health is to mankind. In 2021, consumers will return to basic health management, prioritizing healthy lifestyles such as increased sleep, scientific diet, and exercise, and recognize the key basis The value of nutrients.


    PepsiCo recently launched a functional water brand driftwell, a blueberry and lavender-flavored soda water with 200mg of L-theanine and 10% of the recommended daily magnesium.





    10,Custom fitness nutrition


    Because many people are reducing going to the gym and other public places, and choosing home exercise. This gives food and beverage companies an opportunity to optimize exercise through targeted sports nutrition supplements and food, which can improve the efficiency of home exercise. In terms of nutrients, magnesium can support healthy muscle recovery, MCT oil can promote more explosive exercises, collagen can support healthy joints and ligaments, beet and green leafy vegetable powder can promote healthy blood flow during exercise, B group Multivitamins can keep us energetic during exercise, turmeric and tart cherries can promote post-exercise recovery and anti-inflammatory, black currant and rhodiola can enhance energy and exercise performance, while reducing fatigue.


    Yili’s 1 hour high-protein yogurt before and after exercise launched by Yili is a yogurt targeted for nutritional supplements for pan-sports people. Each bag contains 10g of high protein. It is added with Spanish proprietary bacteria, whey protein and casein, which helps after exercise. The recovery and pre-exercise supplement does not contain sucrose, and the calories are only 121kcal. With pocket packaging, energy can be supplied anytime and anywhere.






    From the ten major trends, it is not difficult to see that the health needs of immunity, emotional support, and sugar reduction will still lead the nutrition market in 2021, and basic nutrients such as vitamins and minerals will receive further attention and get out of the haze of disease in 2020. , Will usher in a brighter 2021.



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Top Ten Nutrition Trends in 2021 | More applications of vitamin D, return of basic nutrition, health relief, customized fitness nutrition
​Organic food retailer Natural Grocers announced the fifth annual "Top Ten Nutrition Trends" forecast. The forecast is a comprehensive report on healthy nutrition and food trends in 2021. The forecas
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