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Taurine powder supplement​:Firmenich Flavors of the Year 2021

Time: 2020-12-17 16:16:36

Author: FBIF食品饮料创新


Taurine powder supplement​: ​Firmenich said that in the past year, the world has experienced unprecedented epidemics, and these two flavors represent everyone’s desire for strong power and optimis

    Firmenich said that in the past year, the world has experienced unprecedented epidemics, and these two flavors represent everyone’s desire for strong power and optimism: ginger, Taurine powder supplement,known as a super rhizome, and grapefruit, a super fruit, have super Heroic qualities.


    Firmenich Flavors of the Year 2021: Ginger and Grapefruit

    Super rhizome-ginger

    Ginger has a unique aroma and taste, and its main notes include warm, spicy woody taste and herbal sweetness. This tonality is balanced with the light lemon citrus flavor from the unique soil.


    As a super rhizome, ginger,taurine powder supplement are a symbol of strength. According to Firmenich's recent global consumer insight quantitative research program "Emotion360™", which targets natural fragrance ingredients, global consumers' perceptions of ginger are strongly consistent. People can easily associate emotions such as strength, safety, trust, practicality, vitality and rejuvenation from ginger,Taurine powder supplement. Ginger is famous for its warmth, detoxification and digestion aid characteristics. Perhaps the most popular thing is its unique immunity enhancement ability.

    Origin story: Ginger originated in Southeast Asia and was shipped from there to promote cultivation throughout Asia and other regions. To this day, it is still the main ingredient in many South and Southeast Asian cuisines, and is widely used all over the world for its health benefits.

    Taurine powder supplement is widely used in drink with coffeine, especially used in energy drink.

    Chen Dongfang, Vice President of R&D for Firmenich Asia Pacific, also said, “According to historical records, many Asian countries have used ginger in food and beverages for hundreds of years. With modern science and technology, we have begun to understand the natural molecules of ginger and its nutritional and health functions ( Such as enhancing immunity)."

    Super fruit-grapefruit

    Don't be fooled by the lemon-like appearance of grapefruit. Grapefruit is like the disguise of a superhero, hiding a powerful force under its appearance. Unlike many other citrus fruits, grapefruit can thrive in cold weather, and it has strong toughness. In addition to its attractive flavor and aroma, grapefruit is also loved by more and more people because of its rich vitamin C and antioxidant factors.


    The fruit of grapefruit is sweet, fragrant and sour. The scent of grapefruit peel is mainly floral, fresh, balsamic and thyme, while the scent of grapefruit juice is more delicate, with more prominent floral characteristics, supplemented by a slightly earthy coconut and woody fragrance.


    Origin story: It is believed that grapefruit originated in China and finally reached Japan through the Korean peninsula a thousand years ago. Nowadays, it generally grows in this island country that is most closely connected with it. In Japan, yuzu is an important part of traditional kaiseki cuisine, and it is also closely related to the winter solstice. On this day, yuzu symbolizes sunshine and good luck in the coming season.

    Taurine powder supplement  can Lower blood pressure and blood suger, and widely used in energy drink and sport drink. also Taurine powder supplement can Revitalize skin cells, and provide the young skin with rapid continuous energy and multiple protectionRevitalize skin cells, and provide the young skin with rapid continuous energy and multiple protection, also improve nerve conduction and visual function

    02 New ginger and grapefruit flavors continue, and consumption trends are rising

    Ginger,Taurine powder supplement are very popular in the market, and its demand has been steadily increasing in the past decade. Firmenich expects that the food and beverage industry will release many new products containing ginger within three years. This is indeed a number worthy of attention. It is worth noting that the "hot drinks" category is in great demand, but recently soup, ice cream and sweeteners have also begun to use ginger as an important ingredient.

    Firmenich SMI™ social media analysis results also show a similar steady growth trend. After years of winter search peaks, the global search volume for this super rhizome reached a record high in the spring of 2020, showing people's desire for its unique warming function.

    Although grapefruit is relatively niche in most markets (currently new products released worldwide use grapefruit ingredients account for about 1/10 of ginger), but its new launch speed and social media representation (especially recently) are rising rapidly . In fact, in the past 5 years, the use of grapefruit in new products has more than doubled.

    Today, especially in Asia, this superfruit is most commonly used in beverages and confectionery products. However, recently it has begun to be used in other categories, especially since it can make salty foods more appetizing and distinctive.

    Firmenich seasoning master Philip Curran said, “Grapefruit is a fresh and pleasant citrus aromatic flavor, which can be widely used in savoury foods, beverages and even baked goods to make these foods more delicious. In summer, My personal favorite food is a fragrant salad dressing made with grapefruit vinegar."

    It is worth mentioning that this year's flavor selection not only has outstanding unique flavors, but also clearly reflects the changing consumer trends. Emmanuel Butstraen, President of Firmenich’s Food and Flavor Division, said, “Our consumer surveys conducted during the epidemic show that during this time, people not only want food and beverages to be delicious, but also have higher requirements for nutrition and health. Inspired by this, we chose these two annual flavors that are both delicious and healthy."

    "Ginger has a mottled gray peel and rhizome, which gives people the feeling of'solid foundation.' At present, we have successfully passed the darkest moment of the epidemic, just like a rhizome emerging from the ground, with vigorous power emerging. Strength echoes our hope for the future. Just like the second annual flavored grapefruit, the attractive golden yellow and fresh citrus flavor represent new hope." Jeff Schmoye, Global Head of Sensory and Consumer Insights, Firmenich Said.

    03 A large inventory of ginger and grapefruit flavored food and beverages, which products are successfully predicted?

    Now that the ginger and grapefruit flavors are selected as the 2021 flavors, let's take a look at the food and beverages of these two flavors currently on the market!

    As mentioned above, Japan is a country that loves pomelo. The specialty of Kochi and Tokushima is pomelo.

    But it is worth noting that Japanese grapefruit (ゆずyuzu) actually refers to oranges. Citrus and grapefruit, which are well known to the Chinese, belong to the genus Citrus, which is also called "relative." However, the flesh of Japanese grapefruit is sour and the peel is sweet and pleasant. Therefore, Japanese yuzu-flavored products are mostly processed from yuzu peel.

    In terms of yuzu-flavored products, the Japanese food industry has multiple categories such as seasonings, snacks, beverages, and wine. Especially in winter, limited products with various grapefruit flavors emerge in endlessly.

    Yuzu vinegar is a seasoning for Japanese cuisine made with citrus juice. In a narrow sense, grapefruit vinegar is a seasoning made by adding acetic acid to citrus juices such as lemon, lime, lime, grapefruit (citrus), stinky orange, and orange. Generally, "yuzu vinegar soy sauce", which is a mixture of yuzu vinegar and soy sauce, is abbreviated as "yuzu vinegar".

    In the Japanese beverage industry, yuzu flavor is more common. Juice drinks and lactic acid bacteria drinks all have yuzu flavor products, and Asahi has many yuzu lemon flavor products.

    When it comes to the flavor of ginger, it is different from the wild grapefruit in multiple categories. Ginger is more common in beverages and alcohol. It was further discovered that the flavor of ginger often appears in herbal drinks, energy drinks, flavored sodas and kombucha, which may have a great relationship with the warming and tonic effect of ginger.

    In the European and American food markets, the flavor of ginger has always had many fans. The most common ginger-flavored snacks are gingerbread and ginger candies. At the same time, Ginger beer is particularly popular with consumers.

    Although ginger originated in China, there is still a lot of room for development and innovation in food. Traditional ginger-flavored foods such as ginger candy and ginger slices may be people’s impressions of ginger-flavored foods.

    But this year, many new ginger flavored products appeared on the Chinese market.

    In November, Coca-Cola launched "Coca-Cola Ginger+" in the Chinese market, and microwave heating is recommended. also Taurine powder supplement is widely used in coca-cola drink.


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Taurine powder supplement​:Firmenich Flavors of the Year 2021
Taurine powder supplement​: ​Firmenich said that in the past year, the world has experienced unprecedented epidemics, and these two flavors represent everyone’s desire for strong power and optimis
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